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The Appeal Cases Lodged in the year with a Determination made by the Appeal Tribunal, Buildings Ordinance:

* : Categorization for reference only; please refer to the Determination concerned for the exact content.
# : The Determination is a searchable PDF file

Details of Category of Appeal
Category of Appeal Remark
Approval of plans, or consent to commencement of building works, street works or demolition works: In relation to section 16 of the Buildings Ordinance [Chapter 123 of the Laws of Hong Kong].
Dangerous Buildings: In relation to section 26 of the Buildings Ordinance.
Dangerous Hillsides: In relation to section 27A of the Buildings Ordinance in relation to the dangerous hillsides, etc.
Drainage: In relation to section 28 of the Buildings Ordinance.
Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme / Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme: In relation to section 30B or 30C of the Buildings Ordinance.
Miscellaneous: Other matters.
Unauthorised building, building works or street works: In relation to section 24(1) or 24C of the Buildings Ordinance.

This page only shows the Determination(s) of the Appeal Tribunal, Buildings Ordinance. For judgment(s) of the other court(s) related to the Appeal Tribunal’s Determination(s), please contact the related court(s).

A substantial portion of written determinations handed down by the Appeal Tribunals from 2004 onwards are available on this website, whereas the newly published written determination(s) will also be uploaded onto this website in due course.

To obtain a copy of the written determination which is not available on this website, please direct your application to the Secretariat to the Appeal Tribunal with justification(s) as far as practicable. A fee would be charged upon approval of the application.