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Scheduled Hearings

Appeal Tribunal, Buildings Ordinance [Chapter 123 of the Laws of Hong Kong]

List of Scheduled Hearings in June 2024 & July 2024

List of Scheduled Hearings
Hearing Date Case No. Appellant Hearing Type
5 June 2024703-2019保如大廈業主立案法團Preliminary Hearing
5 June 2024734-2019KARSEAN LTDPreliminary Hearing
11 June 2024123-2023Wealth First LimitedFull Hearing
12 June 202478-2018Aurora Oriental Trading Company Limited Full Hearing
12 June 202479-2018Ma Lai Mei Full Hearing
12 June 202481-2018Ho Wai-kwan, Wong Chun-wa Full Hearing
12 June 202482-2018Tse Ngai-hei Full Hearing
12 June 202483-2018Lai Yuk-king Full Hearing
12 June 202486-2018Ng Oi-man, Ng Po-ling, Ng Oi-ching Full Hearing
12 June 2024242-2018Chan Man-li Full Hearing
12 June 2024243-2018Yau Wing-chuen, Tony Full Hearing
12 June 2024183-2021TAM WAI KEE PATRICK Full Hearing
12 June 2024134-2022AU Lik HangFull Hearing
13 June 2024123-2023Wealth First LimitedFull Hearing
14 June 2024123-2023Wealth First LimitedFull Hearing
17 June 2024123-2023Wealth First LimitedFull Hearing
18 June 2024160-2023劉均浩Preliminary Hearing
18 June 2024176-2023梁肇堅Preliminary Hearing
21 June 2024139-2023Lam Tai-wai DavidPreliminary Hearing
24 June 2024204-2023Pang Cheuk Lap SimonPreliminary Hearing
25 June 2024223-2023九龍先施大廈業主立案法團Preliminary Hearing
3 July 2024241-2022Wong Ying EstherPreliminary Hearing
10 July 20246-2023BING CHOY & ASSOCIATESPreliminary Hearing
11 July 2024201-2023林華麗Preliminary Hearing
18 July 2024236-2023沈宗滿Preliminary Hearing
18 July 2024255-2023LI KWOK YINGPreliminary Hearing
18 July 2024324-2023Greatguy (PTC) Inc.Preliminary Hearing
23 July 2024151-2023PONG Siu Leung & WONG Chung FongPreliminary Hearing
24 July 2024298-2023沈克紅Preliminary Hearing
24 July 2024300-2023莫冬明, 李慧儀Preliminary Hearing
24 July 2024308-2023蔡寶珠, 蔡寶華Preliminary Hearing

The above List of Scheduled Hearings is for reference only. If you have any enquiry, you may contact the Secretariat to the Appeal Tribunal.

Hearing arrangements regarding Typhoon and Rainstorm Warnings

Secretariat to the Appeal Tribunal

Secretariat to the Appeal Tribunal
Correspondence Address: Rooms 1005-06, 10/F, Wing On Kowloon Centre,
345 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Telephone number: 3579 2270
Fax number: 3579 4971

Note : The contacts provided are for matters that are related to appeal to the Appeal Tribunal. The Appeal Tribunal is NOT the Building Authority. It is generally NOT the function of the Appeal Tribunal to handle complaints, enquiries or negotiations regarding the Building Authority; nor to provide advisory, mediation, mitigation or investigation services to the Appellant. For enquiries with the Building Authority on other matters, one should communicate with the Building Authority (Buildings Department / Housing Department) directly.