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Scheduled Hearings

Appeal Tribunal, Buildings Ordinance [Chapter 123 of the Laws of Hong Kong]

List of Scheduled Hearings in October 2022 & November 2022

List of Scheduled Hearings
Hearing Date Case No. Appellant Hearing Type
5 December 2022 16-2022 Wong Wai-hung Preliminary Hearing
  37-2022 LAI Chi Tong, LAI Kwan Hin Preliminary Hearing
  62-2022 黃富偉 Preliminary Hearing
6 December 2022 32-2022 曾燕儀 Preliminary Hearing
7 December 2022 182-2021 Zen Chung Hei Preliminary Hearing
8 December 2022 89-2021 The Incorporated Owners of Braemar Hill Mansions Preliminary Hearing
  556-2019 BENVER COMPANY LIMITED Preliminary Hearing
  560-2019 BENVER COMPANY LIMITED Preliminary Hearing
28 December 2022 297-2021 Dorshare Limited Preliminary Hearing
29 December 2022 370-2020 VATICAN LIMITED Preliminary Hearing
10 January 2023 761-2019 LEE Loi, LEE Sing Preliminary Hearing
  762-2019 LEE Sing Preliminary Hearing
  763-2019 LEE Loi Preliminary Hearing
  764-2019 LI Man Hing Preliminary Hearing
  765-2019 LEE Loi, LEE Sing Preliminary Hearing
12 January 2023 188-2021 CHONG Wing Chiu Preliminary Hearing
18 January 2023 13-2022 WONG Yik Nai Preliminary Hearing
  199-2021 L&T CHINA LIMITED Preliminary Hearing
31 January 2023 85-2020 林惠美 Preliminary Hearing
  91-2020 CHIU Chuk Fan, WONG Ping Ping,CHIU Ngai Preliminary Hearing

The above List of Scheduled Hearings is for reference only. If you have any enquiry, you may contact the Secretariat to the Appeal Tribunal.

Hearing arrangements regarding Typhoon and Rainstorm Warnings

Secretariat to the Appeal Tribunal

Secretariat to the Appeal Tribunal
Correspondence Address: Rooms 1005-06, 10/F, Wing On Kowloon Centre,
345 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Telephone number: 3579 2270
Fax number: 3579 4971

Note : The contacts provided are for matters that are related to appeal to the Appeal Tribunal. The Appeal Tribunal is NOT the Building Authority. It is generally NOT the function of the Appeal Tribunal to handle complaints, enquiries or negotiations regarding the Building Authority; nor to provide advisory, mediation, mitigation or investigation services to the Appellant. For enquiries with the Building Authority on other matters, one should communicate with the Building Authority (Buildings Department / Housing Department) directly.